5 Reasons Why Google Ads Is The Best PPC Service For You.

Pay-per-Click advertising commonly known as PPC is a type of online advertising, where the advertisers market their business. Each time the ad is clicked, the visitor gets directed to the advertiser’s website or landing page; and in turn, the publisher gets paid by the advertiser. Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords is a similar advertising service developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display their products/services in various forms, within the Google Ad Network

Here are 5 reasons, why Google Ads is the best fit for a PPC service for a growing business:

1.Brand Awareness:
Branding is one of the most essential steps in a growing business. The traditional methods of brand awareness include advertising using billboards and hoardings, radio and TV which have their own shortcomings. With Google Ads, an advertiser has the option to reach the interested audience in various advertising forms like text ads, display ads or a combination of both. This gives the advertiser an opportunity to showcase his brands not just on google search engine, but also other partner websites.


2. ROI: According to a report generated by Google Economic Impact, for every $1 spent on Google Ads, businesses make an average revenue of $2. This means that when Google Ads are run correctly, they could be a great source of leads and sales. Moreover, you pay only when someone clicks your Ad.

chart-data-desk-5900113. Results: Unlike SEO, Google Ads provide quicker results. The right bid amount and quality score (combination of ad relevance, keywords, landing pages, and CTR) of your Ads can help generate great results in a short duration, which is a plus point for growing businesses.

4. Retargeting: Google Ads is an excellent way to retarget or influence the group of audience who previously showed interest in purchasing your product or service. This is done by re-marketing options and showing your ads to those particular customers on different websites that they visit using display network. RLSA is a great feature that allows you to customize your search ads for your retargeting audience.

5. Outranking your Competitors: Every business has competition. Google Ads allow you to compete with your competitors in an ethical way. Google Outrank Share report provides you with the number of times, your competitors have outranked your ads. With this available data and the ‘Target outrank’ option in the Google Ads, one can automate their bids to outrank their competition.

The benefits of Google Ads are not limited to the above-mentioned points. Google Ads also help in customizing your demographics and your target audience. With the ‘Ad Schedule’ option, it gives you the flexibility of running your ads on your specified times. Google is continuously working to provide a better experience for the advertisers as well as the users. When done effectively, Google Ads can be a profitable option for your growing business.

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